Monday, April 4, 2011

Life may be too easy here

Week 2 of the election and has anybody in Calgary noticed? This sets off two of my pet peeves:

1. Voter apathy
We live in an incredible country, free of tyranny (let's not get into the slippery slope discusssion this time) and the envy of many countries throughout the world. But many people I've met either don't know that an election has been called or don't care. A democracy by its nature requires a certain civic duty in order to be maintained. Elections don't come that often. Some might argue that we have had too many in the past decade but how else do we hold the government to account? And, it's not like the government has fallen everytime from a lack of confidence. More often than not, it was the government that canceled parliament. WE NEED TO VOTE! And, in order to do this election thing properly, we need to be aware of the issues and each party's platform. We need to be informed. This is a personal responsibility that needs to be exercised on a regular basis.

Another argument is that elections are too expensive. Would you rather have to fight for your lives and those of your family? WAKE UP and count the cost of freedom. These elections are cheap in comparison for my family's safety and opportunity to make their own way in life. Be thankful for our laws that limit spending, rather than the free-for-all of the US elections.

2. Voter ignorance
I am constantly amazed, and sometimes discouraged, by the ignorance of some people. When door knocking this weekend to obtain signatures of residents according to the law (Elections Canada Act), I actually had people who refused to sign because the candidate is a (wait for it...) "Liberal". My God! It was as if Ghadafi was trying to run. Really? You won't support our democratic process? Do you really prefer a dictatorship or, is it that you are so ignorant of the law and rules that govern elections, that you would limit the ability of people to even think of challenging the incumbent? If either of these is the case, STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID!

The democratic process must be respected for all, if we are to survive as a society. That is All! Go about your business. Nothing to see here. Stick your noses back into your TV box. Bury your heads again. Canada will go on despite your apathy and ignorance because there are a few good people willing to fight on your behalf.

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