Friday, April 8, 2011

Cone of Silence - Jason Speaks

As taken from an article in the Globe today:

Some Conservative candidates across Canada are emulating Stephen Harper’s tightly scripted election campaign by refusing to attend all-candidates debates or appear before the media.

It’s a question of personal choice, said Calgary Southeast incumbent Jason Kenney, who said he would be happy to debate his opponents.

“Each candidate takes their own approach,” he said on Thursday. But he believes all-candidates debates can be of dubious worth.

To Jason, and his fellow regime conspirators, this election is a distraction, a waste of their valuable time. He forgets that he is supposed to represent his constituents in Ottawa, not the party. Whatever happened to the grassroots democratic reformation movement in which he was involved?

In the last election, he was known to be in his riding three times: one for a photo op of him door-knocking; another speaking to a group of grade 12 students at a Catholic high school where there may have been a dozen eligible voters in the room; and, at a party fundraiser at a community church which just so happened to coincide with a party fundraiser. It seems that grabbing money from the party faithful was more important than representing his leader's views to his constituents. I've seen more pictures of him in Toronto and Vancouver than I've ever heard anything about him being in his own riding.

Kenney is counting on the apathy of voters and his well-funded campaign to get him re-elected. Why does he need to deign to visit a riding that will give him an overwhelming majority anyways? Perhaps other candidates need to master the art of cultivated disdain and


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