Saturday, October 23, 2010

One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer

Maybe this is what it would take to get the creative juices flowing. I know that I'm supposed to be inspired by the stunning victory of Calgary's new mayor and some part of me wants to rant and rave against the bumbling non-governance and continual electioneering of the current government, but day-to-day living tends to suck my feet into the mud and weekends are just a short repast between the never-ending job.

Not that I don't love my job... I do... and the great people I work with makes going in to work worthwhile. But I do yearn for something more, a hobby or something... I know, I think I'll take up writing, maybe in the form of a blog... perhaps I could muse about my life's adventures, or maybe just the fluttering of thoughts in the empty spaces betwee my ears... or, I could take up politics, if my wife would let me...

Perhaps I could win the $50 million lottery and make all this moot. Can you imagine? I know I can, many, many times. After taking care of family, and retiring from my job, I think I would like to travel. I would hire an unemployed teacher - someone young with lots of energy and good ideas, open to adventure, yet disciplined and creative, someone from the Ken Robinson school. I would pay this person well, cover their expenses while travelling but dictate that they create a learning for my boys that incorporates all core subjects into the trip and make it so that the boys don't even know that they're learning.

For example, we could go to Cuba and experience the laid-back living of the locals, while the boys learn Spanish, Cuban history, geography of the island, social aspects of a poor, communist yet culturally rich and vibrant country. What better way to learn. I would utilize technology to create a web environment where the teacher could assign work and the boys could post their results. Laptops, satellite phones, cameras, etc., are all available to help them with their assignments, while teaching them valuable skills.

But my fantasy runneth wild... I have yet to be hit by lightning, even once, so my chances of winning a lottery are slightly better than none but less than miniscule. So, instead, I do what I can for my family, leading a quiet, boring, uneventful life but keeping my eyes open to possibilities. After all, at heart I am an optimist.

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