Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's good for the goose...

Over the weekend, I have been hearing about how the Liberal Party needs to rid themselves of the current leader, Stephane Dion, in favour of one of the leadership contenders, Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae or Dominic Leblanc. There is a case being built for a finalization of this race prior to the return of the House on January 26th.

There is a certain rationalization for the coronation of a new leader earlier rather than later. If the GG had opted for a coalition government, the Liberals could have afforded to wait until May. However, given the past antics of the Conservatives to offer poison pills in everything they do, it makes sense to go into the next session of Parliament with a permanent leader who has the backing of the caucus and party.

Given the emphasis on the Liberals, it appears that the Conservatives are getting a free ride. Jim Flaherty, being the mouth piece for Stephen Harper, had created the situation by bringing in a fiscal update that does nothing to address the current financial downturn but also added elements that were completely anathema to the opposition parties. What were they supposed to do? Roll and over play dead? Instead, when they actually stood up to the government, Stephen Harper decided to cut and run. Not only did he not face up to the reality of a parliamentary system at work, he went on public television and continued to distort, mis-inform, and tell untruths about how parliament works. Conservatives should be outraged and ashamed of their leader. Never before has the rhetoric become so distorted and a sitting Prime Minister so blatantly partisan as to lie outright to Canadians. BTW, John Baird was also heard to mistort the truth and continue in the lies in an interview with Don Newman.

This has to stop! We must hold our elected officials to a higher standard, regardless of who is holding power. Especially a Primer Minister!!!! The Conservative Party must distance itself from this situation and act immediately to rebuke and remove Stephen Harper from its leadership or face the consequences of continued disharmony in the House.

Those who laughed at the situation of the goose must turn around and have a closer look at their gander.

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