Saturday, December 13, 2008

Repainting a landscape or just whitewashing the old fence?

Today David Swann became the new leader of the Alberta Liberal Party. Now, David is friendly, obviously intelligent, and has 40 years experience in medicine, health care, and provincial politics. He wants to renew the party and make it relevant to the public, a tough sell, given the brand. However, he does want to lay everything on the table, from the way the Liberals recruit members to the Liberal logo and colours to the very brand itself. It appears that if it isn't working and people are not buying it, why keep making it?

Is the relative backwater position of the Alberta Liberals due to its brand? If so, do they change the brand, creating a new party - the Alberta Party? Or does it have more to do with its left-leaning policies as well as its lack of ability to market itself. David wants to discuss these issues and do what's needed for a more fair, progressive party that can compete against the party in government.

The supposed entitlement of the current government is certainly up for discussion too. Have they been in power too long? Are they still relevant, even with a relatively new leader?

Does a new leader at the national level also signify a change for the federal Liberals? Will there be any cross pollination between the two? Are Liberals, Liberals, in spite of their provincial or federal focus?

We'll see...

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